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BSCI certificated sustainable bag supplier–Rivta

All the industry is stilll under the cover of epidemic. We noted that many of our peers were lost in this wave. No matter how taugh the day will be, we must continued make ourselves stronger and stronger.

Yes, due to the impact of the Covid-19, our factory inspection plan has been pending for a long time. After a long period and carefully preparation and application, we ushered in a new round of BSCI review on 2022/5/18.

Whole the audit process is accompanied by Rivta QA manager.
According to the production process, started from the raw material warehouse, here they also check the IQC record in random; next step is reviewing the protective tools and maintenance records at cutting workshop; turning to the artwork room, this part is about our various print and different labels; then come to the production line, here is a full perspective to show the work environment of workers and it also fully presents the management of the production line; and finally it’s the packaging and finished product warehouse, beside the report of finaly quality inspection, the temperature and humidity are also important parameters for this area.
Whether it is worker welfare and responsibility or factory environment and safety, we have strict deployment and labeling. There is no doubt we got an great score, at same time there are some details need to be improved, of course we’ll take actions as audit team suggested to get excellent in the near further.

All these regulations and operations are confirmed by BV again and we will be awarded with new version certification soon.
As a member of BSCI, Rivta is constantly improving and optimizing the corporate environment, striving for more benefits for employees, and providing better products and services for the customers and industry.


Post time: Jun-06-2022