100% Natural and Recycled materials


ECO RIVTA, Use green production methods to produce green products

As a sustainable enterprise in a true sense, Rivta is not only limited to producing sustainable products; In the aspect of sustainable production and sustainable management, we are also making continuous efforts and progress. This is mainly reflected in three big aspects :


Reuse: Multi-purpose combination design, increase the utilization rate of cosmetic bags. Consumers can use it alone or in combination
Reduce: Rivta prefers a minimalist design, reducing unnecessary decoration and material waste; creating a perfect product through sophisticated workmanship and perfect structure ; try to make sure the production with less water and less electricity consumption .
Recycle: Various recycled or recyclable materials, There are more than 10 subcategories of each recycle material

-Material :

- There are 25 categories of sustainable materials and we always choose certified raw materials
1. Recycled : Reycled PET/Nylon/cotton/leather
2. Natural: Bamboo/Lyocell/Tencel/Pineapple fiber/Banana fiber/JUTE/Linen cotton/silk/Raffia etc.
3.Vegan: PVB, recycled PU, Apple leather;
4. biodegradable: TPU, EVA, kraft paper, Tyvek

More eco- friendly materials are still being developed , like vegan leather -apple leather ,bamboo leather , like pure natural fiber- bamboo satin , cotton velvet, like biodegradable and recycled trims -biodegradable label , Recycled Ribbed band and zipper etc.
-produce and transportation

We assure we only use approved chemicals in our production, and we warrant sustainability by certifying our products through global standard
In order to reduce carbon emissions and protect the environment in the production process; 70% of the raw materials are purchased, and the transportation distance is less than 160KM; this proportion will gradually increase in the future .

And Good waste water and waste gas system to prevent pollution , Reduce carbon emissions.

1.Alkali reduction adjustment tank
2.PH control box
3.Comprehensive wastewater conditioning tank
4.Sedimentation tank and Secondary sedimentation tank
5.Sewage concentration tank
6.Resin filter tank
7.Multi-media filter tank
8.Activated carbon

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Post time: Aug-02-2022