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How to Choose the Best makeup Bag for your daily travel -Rivta Good Things to Share

Under the overwhelming and violent rendering of major online platforms, women's beauty products have become increasingly abundant. Office commuting, business travel, and social gatherings are all inseparable from a careful make-up. Sunscreen, base makeup, makeup, hand cream, nail polish, perfume, lipstick, hair tie, cotton swabs, brushes, chargers, wet wipes, etc.; Have a portable, waterproof and anti-fouling, Multiple compartmentalized cosmetic bags are sure to make your trip more efficient.

How to choose the right makeup bag for you? We sampled several women's toiletry bags for a month, looking at their size and potential storage space.
Our testers also explored the durability of the materials, as well as different colors, patterns and styles.

Best 1: Vegan leather makeup bag

The classic white half-moon makeup bag is made of vegan leather, and the curved wash bag measures 14cm long and 14cm high and is fully lined. A pure white cosmetic bag with a slight cream color, no extra printing, only embellished with gold print; In addition, we noticed that any spills were easily wiped off the material. Our testers put skin care products, perfumes, or travel hair products in small shampoo bags and determine how much they can fit into the bag based on the size. As a rough guide, we tuck in four 100ml bottles comfortably

PU makeup bag

Best 2: Best interior Spaces:

The roomy bag is 25cm x 18cm x 6cm, and our testers liked the bright blue bamboo fiber fabric. Quilted finishes add a stylish edge and we can see the potential for a dual-purpose handbag.The laundry bag holds its shape well. We could easily fit a large comb and several full-size shampoos, conditioners and skincare products inside. Plus, because the bag has a wide bottom, the zipper won't tighten even when it's full of toiletries.
bamboo cosmetic bag

Best 3: Best separation

The double layer makeup box is 20cm*13cm*10cm; The color was nude pink, which most women preferred, and the soft case gave the testers the impression that it was humanly friendly, at least without hurting your legs when you dangled it around.Even better, you can squash it and shove it in any corner of a cabinet or box. Double dry and wet separation,
can be a good brush and liquid separated

PU cosmetic bag (4)PU cosmetic bag (2)

Post time: Aug-02-2022