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Rivta Themed activities day carnival

Established in 1990, our company set up a factory in Dongguan. Rivta has grown into China's leading creator and manufacturer of eco-responsible bags for cosmetics, essential oil, skincare products, etc.

We attach great importance to the company's corporate culture, so every month, we will organize an activity day. The purpose of this activity day is to enhance the feelings between employees and integrate them. And at this time, we will discuss what happened in this month and how to improve it? To avoid the same thing happening in the future, which can improve the efficiency of employees.

In addition to this activity day every month, we also have a large-scale activity day in June every year, where the personnel of the whole company gather in one place.We will play games and cook together. In the evening, We will discuss our goals and future in a particularly warm environment.

Team building can clarify team goals and improve employees' team spirit and team awareness. Through a clear division of labor and cooperation, improve the team's ability to deal with problems together, exercise the team to cooperate for a common goal, and complete tasks better and faster. It can enhance team cohesion. It can enhance mutual understanding among employees, make employees tolerate and trust each other, and make team members respect each other, thereby shortening the relationship between employees and making individuals form a tighter whole.

In 2022, we will carry out a series of new themed activities, such as participating in environmental protection public welfare activities, volunteering for environmental protection, etc.; cycling together to advocate carbon reduction; exercising and fitness together will release dopamine; climbing mountains together and catching the sea to experience the beauty of nature ; Watch documentaries together, write thoughts, and experience our earth, our environment, and our ecology from another perspective; all of these will make us feel awe of environmental protection from the bottom of our hearts. Sounds great, doesn't it? let us wait and see


Post time: Jun-06-2022