100% Natural and Recycled materials





What is Rivta's vision for sustainability?

At Rivta we promote and subscribe to social and sustainable development goals and validate them through external audits and certifications, making sure that our people come first.We wish everyone uses recyclable or renewable packaging by 2025!

Which material is the most eco friendly of all?

The materials that meet the three principles of reduce, reuse, and recycled are all the most eco- friendly materials.
At the same time, we only choose eco-friendly materials that are highly recognized by the market and are certified.

How can you prove the sustainability of the products?

We offer environmental standard certificates, such as GRS (Global Recycled Standard), GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), OEKO-TEX (Sustainable Textile Production) – and more.Therefore we track our products officially.

Do you always have new design models to give me some new ideas?

Yes, we have our R&D and Design Department for new creative designs, actually with more than 1700 items to provide our customers with new inspirations for their designs. More and more sustainable material will be developed in the future.

Can I have a sample?

Definitely! We offer samples in stock (as in the website) and customized samples (including branding, materials, colors, sizes, etc).
The samples are free of charge if their delivery is included with an order. This means that we will charge a sample fee at first, and will refund this investment once you place order.

How many bags can you make per month?

Currently, we produce over 200,000 pieces per month and 2,500,000 pieces per year.

How long it takes for mass production?

Mass production depends on your order details. Generally, it takes 35-45 days to produce.

What is your quality warranty terms?

We can arrange our own QC department and third-party inspectors to ensure quality control.