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Apple leather,the new vegan material you need to know

Have you ever heard of apple leather? We just made it into our bags.

As a manufacturer of green & sustainable cosmetic bags,we have successfully developed many recycled and natural materials.For example, widely known recycled pet and bamboo fibers,jute etc.

Some of our customers want to make leather bags but want to be cruelty-free and harmless,so we tried to source vegan options. Then apple leather appears to our vision.

Apple leather, also known as AppleSkin, is a bio-based material made using the leftover pomace and peel from the fruit juice and compote industry. It is a vegan leather with innovative and environmentally friendly substitute for animal leather,making it the perfect material for anyone who particularly loves cute, fluffy cows. The material was developed by Frumat and is made by Mabel, an Italian manufacturer. Relatively new, the material, which is officially named Apple Skin, was first made into bags in 2019.

What is apple leather made from ? Industrial-scale production of apple juice leaves a mushy pulp (composed of cellulose fibres) after the apple is juiced. Residues from apple juice manufacturing, such as cores and peels, are turned into pulp, which is then mixed with organic solvents and polyurethanes and glued to the fabric to make a leather-like fabric. The process starts by taking the waste product which consists of the skin, stem, and fiber of the apples, and drying them.The Dried product will be mixed with polyurethane and laminated on recycled cotton and polyester fabric.According to the end product the density and thickness will be chosen.

Structurally, "apple leather" has many of the same properties as animal leather, but it is produced in an animal-neutral way and has minor advantages that plant-based leather does not. For example, a good feel closer to real leather.

Apple leather is being used to produce shoes,belts,furniture,clothes,labels,and accessories.And we’re now trying to put it into our cosmetic bags.We’re sure to make develop more in the near future.


Post time: Jun-06-2022