100% Natural and Recycled materials


Recycled PVB makeup cases are good for your wallet and the planet

Usually, what kind of makeup cases can we buy in the store? Made of animal leather, PU artificial leather , PVC artificial leather?

Yes, basically they are made of these materials. But - PVC  is too plastic, animal leather is expensive and it’s no cruelty free ; Comprehensive evaluation, PU leather is the best choice at low price; Although PU has a comparative advantage, the girls don't seem to like having only one choice and consumers want to buy more environmentally friendly and healthy makeup cases. Do we have a better choice?

The answer is yes, of course. In recent years, vegan leather has been favored by brands and retailers. Innovative, vegan and recycled faux leather ensures a stylish and beautiful look while reducing environmental damage.  And the price is much lower than animal leather

Rivta advocates more consumers to use vegan leather materials.For example : Recycled PVB . Recycled PVB (RPVB), also known as Recycled Polyvinyl Butyral,used in laminated glass ( such as car windows) as the raw material of their products.It is a synthetic leather made by recycling windshields from abandoned cars building glass.

There is an abundance of PVB waste available worldwide. In Europe alone, this pile of waste weighs more than 1.5 billion kilograms, that increases with the same weight every year, similar to 150 Eiffel towers. Each year, more than 25 million vehicles reach the end of their use all over the worlds,this industial waste used to be dumped or burned, which has long been a problem for environment, then transforming and reuse this once unrecyclable material into a high quality raw material are the great contribution to the circular economy.

It is estimated that each car can yield approximately 2.6kg of PVB. For every tone of RPVB ,it can save up to 17 tones of CO2, and 53 tones of water consumption.

Recycled PVB leather's is non toxic, its unique structure provides versatility for wide applications.ICOLOR beauty cases made from recycled PVB look very luxury, upright, beautiful, waterproof and durable, they are well welcomed in our Jewelry ,cosmetic high-end luxury industry.

We launch these cases which are made from Recycled PVB, but the styles are completely different:

1.Mini bright yellow shell shape makeup case; The shell shape can minimize the external volume and expand the internal space; Compatible with portable and large capacity two points; The most important thing is that it is very beautiful.

Mini bright yellow shell shape makeup case

2. Large bright yellow display case with clear window . what's special is that we experimented with dozens of shades of green before settling on this bright yellow;


3.Nude pink quilted double layer makeup cases. There are two whole rows of pockets of different widths to hold different levels of makeup brushes, even eyebrow pencils, eyeliner, etc. At the bottom, there is plenty of space to store large bottles, towels, masks and other items;


Post time: Sep-29-2022