100% Natural and Recycled materials


Sustainable beauty is a trend

Consumers have come to realize that beauty must not come at the cost of harming their health or the environment.

Recently, two more beauty brands have secured financing. British skincare brand BYBI has received £1.9 million in funding from asset Finance firm Independent Growth Finance(IGF) to expand its market and develop new product lines. American beauty brand Ogee has received A Series A financing of $7.07 million led by venture Capital firm Birchview Capital LP. At present, the cumulative financing amount of the brand is $8.3 million.

It’s worth noting that BYBI, a 100% vegan and cruelty-free sustainable skincare brand, recently released a facial oil claiming to be “the world’s first carbon-negative skincare product”; Ogee is a beauty brand with organic certification in the United States. Founded in 2014, it focuses on sustainable ingredients, organic certification, and high-performance skin care products and cosmetics.

It is not hard to find that nowadays, beauty brands with safe ingredients, transparent, environmentally friendly and sustainable ingredients are becoming more and more popular among consumers. “Sustainable” beauty cosmetics have gradually become a trend. At the same time, sustainable packaging is also gaining more and more attention from brands because it can help build a healthy image and loyal customers.

Packaging solutions supported by Eastman molecular recycling technology and Renew resin product portfolio with 100% certified recycled ingredients, And committed to achieving 75-100% of packaging that is recyclable, reloaded, reusable, recycled or recyclable by 2025.

In early March, L ‘Oreal and packaging maker Texen teamed up to develop a new generation of bottle caps made from 100% recycled polypropylene (rPP) for the beauty giant Bioren brand. Characteristics are applicable to different container shapes, and all the surface using hot stamping, no overlap, avoid the use of clean oil. The cap can be applied to Biofilm skin care products, including Cera Repair and Blue Therapy.

This rPP package is the “Blue Beauty Movement” campaign

Part of the campaign, which promotes responsible practices in the beauty industry to protect oceans around the world.

L ‘Oreal has also partnered with Veolia, which provides it with high-quality recycled plastic for packaging its products worldwide, reducing the carbon footprint of cosmetic packaging. Cosmetic packaging made from recycled plastic can avoid 50 to 70 percent of carbon dioxide emissions compared to standard packaging bottles. L ‘Oreal has pledged to recycle or make bio-based plastic all the plastic used in packaging by 2030.

The Eco-Beauty Score Consortium is not the only effort that Beauty groups have made to achieve the goal of sharing Beauty between man and nature.

Tons of plastic are being recycled, reusable or renewable packaging materials and replacement kits are being produced… In fact, we are already in the tide of sustainable development.

Post time: Sep-13-2022